Nchant Sandalwood Log & Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood Log and Sandalwood Oil is made of 100% natural and pure sandalwood sourced from different countries across the world. The benefits of sandalwood have been known for centuries and it is still as widely used as ever before. This combo of the log and oil would be a great  addition to your skin care regime!


Origin: India, Australia, Fiji, East Africa & Indonesia

Ingredients: Pure Sandalwood Oil & Sandalwood Log


Category: Gifting / Personal care / Religious / Sandalwood / Skin care



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Quantity:  5 ml / bottle | 35-45 gm log


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  • The Sandalwood Log can be converted into paste to be used in face packs. It is also used to reduce hypertension, inflammation, improve memory and concentration. 
  • Sandalwood Essential oil also promotes healthy hair growth, reduces stress and insomnia, helps in weight loss, heals dry skin and helps combat UTIs.

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