Nchant Sandalwood Log Box


The Sandalwood log is made of 100 % pure sandalwood and is widely enjoyed for its warm, gentle scent that’s unassuming yet quite beautiful. This log can be turned into a powder which can be used to treat any skin ailments. It does not contain any additives, fillers, bases or carriers.


Origin: India, Australia, Fiji, East Africa & Indonesia


Ingredients: 100% Pure Sandalwood Log


Category:  Personal care / Religious / Gifting / Sandalwood / Skin Care / Natural 



  • Aromatic scent for spiritual purposes
  • Exfoliates skin and helps in skin brightening
  • Prevents and cures pimples
  • Antiseptic properties


Net Weight : 35 gm – 50 gm 


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  • The Sandalwood Log can be converted into paste to be used in face packs. It is also used to reduce hypertension, inflammation, improve memory and concentration. 


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