Nchant Grapefruit Oil Blend


Grapefruit Oil is a beautiful citrusy essential oil that has a new and rejuvenating aroma. As one of the most versatile essential oils, the aroma of grapefruit oil is clean, fresh and a little bit bitter, just like the actual fruit itself. It is extracted by cold pressing a grapefruit. It helps beat inflammation, weight gain, sugar cravings and eases hangovers!


Origin: Asia

Ingredients: Grapefruit & Almond Oil


Category: Aromatherapy / Blends / Diffuser Oils / Natural 



  • Reduces depression and enhances one’s mood
  • Stimulates the digestive system 
  • Boosts the lymphatic system 
  • Decreases fluid retention
  • Helping with weight loss

Quantity: 10 ml / bottle


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Grapefruit Oil helps clear up congested, oily skin and acne, reduces blood pressure and helps revive the mind. It can also be used for disinfecting surfaces.


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